Scientific journal bibliography, bibliology and library science «Bibliography»

Journal «Bibliography» is published beginning with 1929. It is the oldest of all domestic professional journals about book science and book trade.

The main topics of the journal — theory, methodology and practice of information and bibliographic activity, bibliology, information support of various branches of science and industry, librarianship, statistics of printing, culture of presentation of editions. The journal aims to become a platform for concentration of the reading interests of representatives of different branches of modern printing and publishing business. The journal informs its readers about the planned and already developed standards, norms and rules of bibliographic description and publishing terminology, statistics of printing and presentation of the imprints, the international standard numbering of books, serial, editions of musical works.
since 03.01.1929
6 issues per year
70×100 1/16
160 с.
Certificate of registration of mass media:
01146 from 11.11.1997
Subscription code:
70823 (in the catalog «Newspapers. Magazines» of «Rospechat» Agency)
87 319 (for the unified catalog «Press of Russia»)

There are available issues of the "Bibliography" journal for the current year at the Editorial Office, as well as subscription for the journal for any period:
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The editorial board:

doctor of historical sciences, deputy director of Russian State Library, chief editor
Aygistov R. A.
deputy director of All-Russian state library for foreign literature named after M. I. Rudomino
Afanasiev M. D.
candidate of pedagogical sciences, director of the State Public Historical Library of Russia
Bazanov P. N.
doctor of historical sciences, professor of the Saint-Petersburg state Institute of culture, head of department of SIC "Nauka" Russian Academy of Sciences
Bakun D. N.
candidate of historical sciences
Vasilyev V. I.
correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of philological sciences, doctor of historical sciences, director of SIC "Nauka" Russian Academy of Sciences
Kogan E. I.
candidate of sciences (USA, New York)
Kolganova A. A.
candidate of philological sciences, director of Russian State Art Library
Kratz G.
doctor of philosophy (Germany, Münster)
Kurmaev M. V.
doctor of historical sciences, professor of the Samara state Institute of culture
Lelikova N. K.
doctor of historical sciences, head of department of the Russian National library
Levin G. L.
doctor of pedagogical sciences, head of department of Russian State Library
Melent’eva Y. P.
doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of department of SIC "Nauka" Russian Academy of Sciences
Posadskov A. L.
doctor of historical sciences, professor, chief researcher of the Laboratory of book Sciences, State public scientific-technological library of the Siberian branch of the RAS
Rogachevskaja E.
candidat of philological sciences, curator of the Slavic collections of the British library (UK, London)
Seidumanov Zh. T.
director of the National State Book Chamber of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty)
Seslavinsky M. V.
candidate of historical sciences, head of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications